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Company History

Company History

Czech Cosmetics with Natural Extracts RYOR

Czech Cosmetics with Natural Extracts RYOR offers a wide selection of both retail and professional skin and body care products. The company also has two special lines – Luxury Care, with a high content of active substances, and Caviar Care, containing caviar extract. The company was established in 1991, and it remains a family firm whose mission is to produce cosmetics of high quality at an affordable price. The company provides targeted individual advice via special consultants in stores and on its corporate blog. The company holds numerous national and international awards. Its products are exported into more than 20 countries. Two company shops can be found in Prague (Lotyšská 10, Prague 6-Dejvice and Pasáž Metro, Národní třída 10, Prague 1), in Hejdukova street in Bratislava, where there is also a beauty salon. The list of partner shops selling Ryor products can be found HERE. Czech Cosmetics with Natural Extracts also has two beauty salons, also performing the functions of a testing and training center; both can be found in Lotyšská street in Prague-6, Dejvice. The list of partner beauty salons using Ryor products can be found HERE.

Establishment of RYOR

RYOR was established in 1991 by Eva Štěpánková. The foundation of the company is linked to the strong personality of its founder. Eva Štěpánková was born in 1945, grew up in Poděbrady and graduated from Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague.

During the first four years after graduation, she worked in different branches of chemistry; in 1971, she joined the Institute for Medicinal Cosmetics where her focus shifted more towards manufacturing and development of cosmetic products. Seventeen years later, in 1988, she went on maternity leave, during which she participated actively in the development of products for the State Agricultural Enterprise Prague-West; one of the products received an award by the Ministry of Industry.

In 1991, after her maternity leave, she decided that she didn’t want to sell her ideas to other institutions any more, and established a company based in her family home in Prague 5, near Strahov. In 1988, after the Velvet Revolution, when business opportunities opened up in the Czech Republic, special schools for cosmetologists began to appear, as did many new beauty salons. That is why RYOR began by developing products for professionals; retail products appeared only a year later. Gradually, the company grew from the initially two people to today’s approx. 80 employees.

Currently, there are almost 200 products in the company’s portfolio – 120 retail products and 80 products for professional beauty salons.

Several years ago, the company launched complementary products, such as native nutrition (neither heated nor chemically treated) called Elixir of Life, as well as special detox teas which are a part of skin care and body shaping and modeling.

For more information about RYOR products visit the website or check out the catalogues, which have been translated into all major languages.

RYOR site

In 1997, the company opened a modern production site in Kyšice near Unhošť, Kladno district. All RYOR products are produced and distributed here. Everything related to production and sales of products is concentrated here. This facility of the area of 3,000 m2 meets the high standards for cosmetics production and provides a comfortable professional base for the company.


RYOR also tries to expand abroad. RYOR clients and business partners can be found in Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Spain, Finland, Norway, Great Britain, Ireland, USA, UAE, Taiwan and other countries.


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