Sun Care – sunscreen products + after sun care Sun Cream SPF 50 – High Protection

  • Packaging: tube 100 ml
  • Art. No.: 28007
Ryor - Sun Cream SPF 50 – High Protection (Sun Care – sunscreen products + after sun care )
With UV filtres
Fragrance free

Product description

  • A light, water-resistant sunscreen cream that is easily spread and leaves no greasy feeling.
  • Thanksto its features, it is suitable not only for protecting the skin of the body but also the face.
  • It contains a mixture of UVA/UVB filters that protect the skin from the damage that can be caused by UV rays
  • the product is not perfumed and therefore it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive types
  • hyaluronic acid provides rich skin hydration
  • it contains retardants of photoaging (aging caused by sun)
  • it creates a protective film that prevents the loss of moisture from the skin


Directions for use:

  • Apply the product in a sufficient quantity (cca. 6 teaspoons per application for an adult person)prior to exposure to the sun and repeat the application several times during the day (e.g. after bathing and towelling, etc.)



Excessive sun exposure can pose a serious health risk!

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