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Each award obtained represents great pleasure for us. However, praise by our customers is always the greatest award for us.


  • Podkladová báze pod make-up

  • Rozjasňující make-up 8v1 (light)

  • Rozjasňující make-up 8v1 (medium)

  • Rozjasňující make-up 8v1 (dark)

  • Výživný krém s kmenovými buňkami z argánie


  • Hydratační sérum s ceramidy

  • Konopné tělové mléko

  • Konopný výživný gel

  • Lipored Ultra


  • Chameleon

  • Konopný regenerační krém

  • Konopný výživný krém

  • Urychlovač růstu vlasů

  • Vlasový keratin sprej


  • Konopný šampon se zklidňujícím efektem

    Konopný šampon se zklidňujícím efektem
  • Hydratační tonikum Hydroperfekt

    Hydratační tonikum Hydroperfekt
  • Řada Sun Care

    Opalovací krém SPF 50 – vysoká ochrana


  • Lehký ochranný krém

    Lehký ochranný krém
  • Konopný sprchový olej

    Konopný sprchový olej

Our joy Your experience

Good evening,
thank you for the express standard order delivery. If I can somewhere rate my satisfaction with your delivery service to the customer, please send me a form and I will be very happy to praise and recommend your company. Other companies promise delivery within 24 hours, you have delivered goods within 25 hours of order sending.

THANK YOU! And I wish you a lot of satisfied customers,

Best Regards, Jana B., Žatec

píše paní Jana B.

I would like to thank you for Ryor products. I have been consulting dermatologists for a long time, using corticosteroids and various creams of all brands (including those more expensive, pharmacological) but without any major improvements unfortunately. A few months ago, I came across your creams and my skin improved to a great extent (some doctors referred to acne, some to atopic eczema, dermatitis...).

I was also very pleased with the new visual of all your flacons and containers. I am very glad that Czech companies also create not only quality products but that they also deal with how the product looks and at the same time can compete with foreign brands often (at least according to my years of experience) with products of poor quality but with the attractive packaging.

The Ryor brand is gradually prevailing in my bathroom and I am pleased to recommend it to everybody…… more

Thank you very much
Marie, Prague

píše paní Marie

Dear Manufacturers,
I have two little children, which is very exhausting, so I needed to make myself happy after a long time. I recently read an article in the magazine about your business, about the beginnings of one courageous lady and about the production of creams, which led me to reach for these products in the store. I have to say that first of all I was excited about the new packaging, which almost beg to be touched. The colours also are bright and joyfully shining. At home I enjoyed delicate, fragrant creams, and the crying of my children was more tolerable.

I would like to thank you for the joy you have brought me and to wish you many successes for the future and plenty of satisfied customers.

Soňa H.

píše paní Soňa

Dear Ms. Štěpánková,
after having visited your business during the Open-Door Days, I had an amazing feeling that has long stayed with me. I also sent you my thank you for the introduction and insight into the secrets of your family business.
I used a different brand of cosmetics before, but I started using Ryor on your recommendation. I gradually acquired the basic products (Two-phase Make-up Remover for all skin types, Day cream… more

- Seaweed and Eye-zone Regeneration Capsules). I am very satisfied with your products. I have a delicate and very sensitive skin and for years I did not know how to take care of it properly. In addition, the following products were recommended for me that I have not yet bought: Skin tonic for dry and sensitive skin, Firming fluid with seaweed and Activating nourishing cream with ASC III. My skin needs to be probably nourished a little more deeply, since next year I'll be 40 next year. I also love your Lymfodren herbal infusion.

Ms. Štěpánková, I am delighted that I was able to visit your company and see the production of cosmetics, which finally suit me.

Once again, I thank you very much and wish you beautiful summer days

Jitka Č., Kladno

píše paní Jitka Č.

thank you for your reply, which is very pleasing, that your company is not testing any of its products on animals. When I was young, I used your product, which is probably not produced anymore. If I remember it well, it was the shower oil I think with a scent of lime tree (the scent I'm not sure about but it was wonderfully fragrant) and I have never had a better product. The whole family suffers from skin conditions. I have eczema, my children too and some of my relatives have psoriasis. They all enjoyed this product, it suited them that it was much greasier and did not dry-out the skin like other body wash products. I was looking for it at stores and also on your product list. The most similar is your Hydrophilic… more

oil with lemon balm and lavender but, unfortunately, because of my allergy to lemon balm I cannot use this oil. If you put on market a similar product of another formula for dry, sensitive skin, I'll definitely try it. I just want to thank you for your products which were alleviating my skin problems during my entire childhood. Without them, my skin would have been cracked and painful, while after using your products it was just drier in places and it did not crack so much. I was ashamed amongst people, because they often commented on people with skin problems. Additionally, I could afford your products when I was a child because they were affordable for everyone. I appreciate your commitment to the availability of your products, it greatly facilitated my adolescence, both skin problems and worries about how my skin looks. I want to wish your business to be successful on the market because the products helped me greatly with my self-confidence.

Marta S.

píše paní Marta S.


I am a satisfied user of your cosmetics. I was always sorry that it looked ordinary, such a neutral pharmacy packaging. I do not have many products in the bathroom. I have intolerant skin and that little that stands on my shelf should look great :-)! So, I'm very pleased with the change of packaging. I really enjoyed the new packaging and I'm very happy that my shelf in the bathroom has finally gotten a lustre!

Věra K., Havířov

píše paní Věra K.

Dear Ms. Štěpánková,
today I visited again your store at the Metro Palace. As always, I got what I wanted. Why am I writing? Because your shop-ladies are always very nice and willing to help…
That's why I do not want to write that it's just about today, it is always like this and I do not want to unjustly exclude those who were not present there today. I know, people mostly write when they are not satisfied, they are not excited about the behaviour of women behind the counter. “Your” women are just amazing and it is a pleasure to buy from them.

I wish you a beautiful day and a lot of success,
Jana M., Prague

píše paní Jana M.
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Eva Štěpánková’s awards

  • In 2020, Ing. Eva Štěpánková was granted honorary citizenship of her hometown Poděbrady famous czech spa town. She was given a symbolic key of the town.
  • In 2019, Ing. Eva Štěpánková received the Order of Laurel by the Czech Chamber of Commerce for her lifelong significant business achievements.
  • In 2018 she placed in the "7 over 70" section of the Forbes magazine. She is regularly ranked in their chart of the Most Influential Women of the Czech Republic.
  • Eva Štěpánková won 3rd place in the "Large-scale Business" category of the Award for Czech Business Women.
  • In 2015, she was nominated for the Czech Goodwill Award. It is an award for a responsible approach to business, moral qualities and honest work.
  • In 2012, Eva Štěpánková won 3rd place in the "Medium-scale Business" category of the Award for Czech Business Women.
  • In 2010, Eva Štěpánková was ranked fifth of 25 most influential woman od Czech business in the “Top 25 women in the Czech business” chart of Hospodářské noviny.
  • In 2008 she became a patron of the competition entitled "Czech Woman - Business Personality in the Czech Republic".
  • In 2007, Eva Štěpánková was awarded the title "The Marketperson of the Year 2007" from the Czech Marketing Company.
  • In 2006, Eva Štěpánková was awarded the title “Woman of the Year 2006” in the Business and Entrepreneurship category of the PRAGUE Leaders Magazine Woman.
  • In 2006, Eva Štěpánková was ranked fifth of 25 most influential woman od Czech business in Hospodářské noviny.
  • In 2005, Eva Štěpánková was ranked fifth of 25 most influential woman od Czech business in Hospodářské noviny.
  • In 2000, Eva Štěpánková was awarded the title "The Entrepreneur of the World" by The Start Group.
  • In 1999, she received the award entitled "Excellent Businesswoman of the Czech Republic of the year 1999" by the Association for the EBCR Prize of the Czech Republic.
  • In 1999, she was awarded the "Excellent Entrepreneur of the Year 1999" award at the International Competition in Venice.
  • “Lady Pro 1998” award for Top 10 Businesswomen