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Information about us
Eva Štěpánková, Jana Stránská

Who we are

We are a Czech family company producing cosmetics with natural extracts. Our portfolio comprises over 200 products including both retail and professional product line. The founding of the company in 1991 was accompanied by a strong personal story of its founder, Eva Štěpánková, who decided to start a business in her family house in Prague Strahov, at the age of 43, when she needed to make living for herself and her daughter Jana. Read her entire story here.

In the beginning, the Ryor Company was to only produce products for professional beauticians and to only employ 4-6 staff members. Over time, the company has expanded to include a retail product line, which now constitutes a majority, and has more than 80 employees in the company.

You will find products for all ages and skin types in our portfolio. So, simply said - everyone can choose from our products.

Jana Stránská, Eva Štěpánková

What we are focusing on

Since the onset of the company, our goal is to create high-quality products at an affordable price, so that a regular woman can afford 4 basic products - make-up remover, tonic lotion and day and night cream.

We are aware that our best advertisement is a satisfied customer.

Where to buy our products in the Czech republic

Ryor brand stores are located in Prague (Prague 1, Prague 6), in Poděbrady and in Bratislava. We also have over 600 partner stores across the country, where it is possible to obtain almost the entire range of our products, and if not, the store staff will be pleased to order them for you. In Prague, we have established two beauty salons, which are of great interest to clients.

Company history

Our products are manufactured in the Czech Republic, in Kyšice near Kladno, where we have our production area since 1997. It is designed to meet the strict criteria for the production of cosmetics. The facility includes not only production areas where Ryor products are manufactured but also development laboratories and all administration. Every few years we open our production area to the public within the Open Door Days.

What is the story of the founder

Ryor abroad

The Czech Republic has been, is and always be will the most crucial for us in terms of sales. However, we also export our products to more than 20 countries worldwide, in Slovakia, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, but also in the UK, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, the USA and in the Middle East. We have extensive experience in exporting, whether in regard to large-scale orders or deliveries to individual customers living abroad.

Contacts abroad

Awards received

Our products and used raw materials received many awards, both in the Czech Republic and abroad, as also the company founder, Eva Štěpánková, did. She is regularly placed in charts related to influential women or family businesses. However, in spite of all the awards we have received, we are aware that the greatest award is praise and feedback from our customers.


Several interesting facts about Ryor

  1. The name Ryor is based on the first perfume composition utilised RYbíz (Black Current) - ORanž (Orange).
  2. You will find there both cutting edge products with the newest active ingredients and products that were created at the onset of our company and found their customers. That is why the portfolio is so broad. We like to compare the pace of the development of cosmetic products to that of mobile technology.
  3. The products are designed so that every regular woman can afford 4 basic products - make-up remover, tonic, day and night cream.
  4. We provide individual advisory to a great extent. So, if you do not know what to choose from our products, please do not hesitate and write to us.
  5. We are regularly educating ourselves in terms of new raw materials and manufacturing processes. We also like to educate our customers in the field of cosmetic chemistry and composition. And all of this in an entirely open manner. We also do not like to manipulate an scare our customers, as some companies do.