How we develop

Cutting-edge production technology

We develop all the Ryor products in our own laboratories in Kyšice near Kladno. Laboratories represent a very important part of the company; both the development of new products and the testing of raw materials and materials produced in our facility are carried out there.

The active substances used are mainly of herbal and plant origin. We regularly participate in world fairs and training workshops regarding the use of the latest raw materials. We also used some raw materials as the first cosmetics company in the Czech Republic. We strive to develop products that match world trends, but also products based on feedback and wishes from our customers. We use high-quality raw materials in the development and production of cosmetic products. We use over 600 kinds of raw materials that we purchase from renowned companies from around the world. We always think about the impact on the environment and therefore extracts from endangered plant species are not used in Ryor cosmetics. We respect the environment when selecting ingredients in products and also during their actual production. This is also the case when choosing a suitable packaging and its subsequent recycling.


After the opening of a new production hall containing new production technology in 1997 in Kyšice near Prahy, new and more modern production equipment was added in subsequent periods, which partially reduced the proportion of manual work and the contact of the human hand with cosmetic products throughout the entire production process.

The entire manufacturing system complies with highly modern standards and from the beginning to the end it is controlled by the computer programme - starting with the dosing of raw materials to the delivery of finished products to the warehouse.

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Testing raw materials and final products

All Ryor products are subject to several testing processes. Products are tested on volunteers 18 years of age or older with a specific skin problem (acne, wrinkles, pigment spots, insufficient hydration, etc.). Also implemented are microbiological stress tests that prove a sufficient amount of suitable and especially safe preservation. The resulting product passes safety assessment performed by a certified workplace. If the product complies with strict European Commission rules, the safety assessment is granted and the product can enter the market.

  • Most Ryor products also undergo dermatological tests.
  • Some raw materials have a clinical certificate guaranteeing their effect (e.g. reduction of wrinkles by up to 26 %).

Konečným výsledkem je zpráva o zhodnocení bezpečnosti, která potvrzuje zdravotní nezávadnost produktu a je možná následná distribuce na trh.

What about the testing of cosmetics on animals?

Testing of final products on animals has been banned in the European Union since 2003! The individual raw materials are not to be tested on animals since 2009.

Alternative methods are used for the testing of raw materials, where the raw materials are evaluated by approved in vitro methods (in a tube) or by computer modelling in silico.