Cannabis Derma Care Hemp Body Lotion

  • Packaging: bottle 200 ml
  • Art. No.: 17502
Ryor - Hemp Body Lotion (Cannabis Derma Care)
Sensitive Skin
Fragrance free

Product description


This product is suitable for everyday care throughout the day for highly sensitive skin that is prone to irritation, flaking and/or redness.


  • highly functional substances that are utilised in hemp cosmetics comprise both CBD (cannabidiol) and hemp oil
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most abundant cannabinoid, a highly active component of cannabis that has no psychoactive effects
  • it influences the skin in regard to its fundamental aspects and condition, while also helping to deal with most skin problems, by soothing any irritation and significantly improving and tonifying the skin
  • also comprises hemp oil that enhances the skin’s protective barrier that is insufficient in the case of very dry and/or sensitive skin


  • dermatologically and clinically tested


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