Deodorants Deodorant 48-Hour Protection For Men

  • Packaging: bottle 50 ml
  • Art. No.: 22101
Ryor - Deodorant 48-Hour Protection For Men (Deodorants)
All Skin Types

Product description

Creamy deodorant with a long-lasting fresh scent. It contains a unique active substance derived from natural mineral zinc, which ensures 48-hour deodorant effectiveness.

- the active substance binds the molecules responsible for unpleasant odour of sweat, thus eliminating it
- it acts on the skin surface and does not penetrate into the skin pores
- the deodorant does not affect natural sweating, but increases the feeling of dryness thanks to its absorbent properties
- it accepts the skin microflora and the skin is soft and fresh after application
- it does not leave white marks on clothes

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