Derma Ryor - Care for Irritated Skin Calming Serum for Intolerant Skin

  • Packaging: dispenser 50 ml
  • Art. No.: 24001
Calming Serum for Intolerant Skin
Day Care
Night Care
Sensitive Skin

Product description

  • Unscented, non-rich, soft gel containing extract of physalis (also known as the Chinese lantern plant), panthenol, zinc pyrithione, scentless mayweed (Sea mayweed), and special varieties of seaweeds (Laminaria Ochroleuca)
  • Formulated for calming irritated, itching and reddened skin



  • for all age categories
  • suitable for irritated skin around the nose and mouth, e.g. parts suffering from perioral dermatitis, contact eczema
  • suitable for all types of problem skin
  • also suitable for the treatment of over dry, desquamating hairy spots of the head


  • dermatologically and clinically tested

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