Face + Body Care Relaxing Mint Gel

  • Packaging: tube 200 ml
  • Art. No.: 22004
Relaxing Mint Gel
All Skin Types

Product description

  • A light, refreshing, easy-to-absorb gel with a high content of aromatic essential oils of mint (Mentha arvensis)
  • This gel with a pleasant scent of mint quickly creates a feeling of coolness, refreshment and calming

Ideal for:


  • relief and relaxation after physical exertion and sporting activities
  • cooling and fragrant refreshment of tired legs
  • relaxation and relief of unpleasant feelings of heavy legs during long travel, either seating or standing
  • refreshing and cooling of the neck and shoulders at the work or on the road
  • rapid refreshment in a warm summer due to the pleasant mint scent
  • not suitable for children under 3 years old
  • after the application of the gel in a thicker layer some sensitive persons can feel a slightly burning sensation that then rapidly subsides

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