Gift Boxes Gift Box Lavender Care

  • Packaging: box
  • Art. No.: kk104
Ryor - Gift Box Lavender Care (Gift Boxes)
All Skin Types

Product description

  • This box consist of products which contains the finest natural lavender essential oil from Provence, which is ideal for relaxing and calming the mind and bring with them a sense of well-being
  • Thanks to its optimum level of pH the Shower gel with Lavender is also suitable for not only cleaning of whole body but also for intimate hygiene.
  • Semi-rich, nourishing and easily absorbable Body Milk with Lavender contains high content of active substances including vitamine E.  It is easy to spread and does not leave any traces of greasy film.
  • This gift box is suitable for all skin types. 


The gift cartridge is suitable for all ages.


Box contains:


  • Shower gel wih Lavender
  • Body Milk with Lavender

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