Limited Edition with Lilac Scent Shower Oil with Lilac Aroma

  • Art. No.: 15104
Ryor - Shower Oil with Lilac Aroma (Limited Edition with Lilac Scent)

Product description

  • Ideal product for gentle washing of skin, especially dry one.
  • The gentle aroma of lilac refreshes the mind and creates a feeling of relaxation.
  • The oil replaces conventional washing gels and is suitable for all skin types.
  • In contact with water it forms a milk emulsion.
  • The resulting film on the skin should be rinsed with water, but no longer wiped with a towel and rather allowed to absorb into the skin.
  • This will replace the application of body milk.
  • As a result, your skin will be soft and supple.
  • Recommended application: Apply a few drops on moistened skin and spread.
  • Use approx 1-2 tablespoons into the bath.

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