Facial masks for dry and sensitive skin Professional Hyaluronic Acid – Serum

  • Packaging: dispenser 150 ml
  • Art. No.: 30027
Ryor - Professional Hyaluronic Acid – Serum (Facial masks for dry and sensitive skin)
All Skin Types
Fragrance free

Product description

  • This gel serum with its content of 5% solution of low molecular hyaluronic acid is suitable for the perfect hydration of all skin types.
  • The serum is easily applied and rapidly absorbed.
  • We recommend its application over the entire face, while for a more intensive effect it is also appropriate to apply the serum to the skin (together with the RYOR Conductive Gel) by means of a cosmetic ultrasound device.
  • After the serum has been absorbed we recommend spraying the skin with a tonic to enable the hyaluronic acid to adsorb water molecules, thereby providing a greater degree of hydration.
  • After the application the skin will be hydrated and also supple and luminous.
  • The wrinkles will be smoothed and the pores tightened.

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